Huge sound…Small package…this baby is full of surprises.


At 8 watts one wonders can a tube amp really deliver depth and volume and still get enough of tube richness.

The answer is YES!


  • The Brat captures all the beauty of a bold powerful tube amp. It is soft enough to get all the pushed tube sounds at intimate practice sessions yet loud enough to play small venues thanks to a dedicated attenuation control capable of taking you down to 0.1 watt.
  • Hand wired and built using the finest materials from around the world this amp will surprise you the minute you turn it on.
  • Delivers excellent clean tonal shaping from distinct British warmth to crunched overdrive on the Clean channel.
  • The Drive channel has that distinctive growl that just loves hard dynamics and is exceptionally responsive with the slightest adjustment.
  • Featuring a simple yet carefully designed tone control that provides an amazing sound no matter where it is placed. From mellow blues/jazz right to that aggressive hard rock crunch.
  • Turn up the tone to 9 on the Drive channel and you get the signature sound of the Brat.
  • BTDR-2H Reverb designed by Accutronics bringing that classic spring reverb depth to the sound adding even more dimensions to your sound.
  • Built-in FX Loop gives you the ability to patch in your favoured FX pedal and let’s not forget it comes with a free heavy duty footswitch.
  • Suggested cabinet for this stunning and impressive amplifier…the Calor 1 x 10


This amp will surprise you the moment you plug in.

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  • 2 channels (Foot switchable)
  • 8 watts of outstanding pure rich tube tone
  • Gain and Master Controls
  • Single tone control high precision EQ
  • Power scaling options through attenuation control
  • FX Loop
  • Reverb
  • Heavy duty footswitch supplied
  • Size (WxHxD) 336.55mm (13.25”) x 177.8mm (7”) x 20.9.55mm (8.25”)
  • Weight 9.5 Kgs (19.5 lbs)