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Calor reaches the global stage

Two years since its inception Calor has risen to present itself on an international level. The success of the Solution series has been key to this development. Presently endorsed by some of the best guitarists in India including Warren Mendonsa and Floyd Fernandes.

Calor now wishes to bring its vision to you anywhere on the globe. We have had some incredible people help us on the way and would like to thank them. From our mentors to the people who have put faith in us so that they could realize their sound.

Its now time for the world to see what India is able to bring to the world of guitar amplification.

what does the live series stand for?

The idea for the live series is born after years of not being able to find an amp that provides a holistic approach to playing live. You need your sweet spots which should be achieved in any venue and be able to reach them conveniently. So that you can focus on your music and not on running back to the amp or have someone fiddle with it during a song.

In essence the series stands for the ‘bells and whistles’ we think an amp should have. Hence, there are a number of tonal switching options, multiple E.Q.’s, by-passable Fx loops, attenuators as well as footswitches that come standard on the amps in the series.

Each of the components that allow these features to co exist are chosen much like the way a master distiller places the right grains and spices that once together make the finest scotch. Hand picked, finely tuned and blended to perfection so that you never get a bad spot on your amp. Over ten years of research have been put into this to ensure you enjoy one of the Major reasons you picked up the guitar

– To play live

Reaching the biggest film and music studio in India

Yash Raj Film Studios is one of the most prestigious studios in the history of the India. Spanning over 4 decades of record breaking history. They have played an enormous part in representing our music and film culture (BOLLYWOOD) in the world.  Responsible for creating historic block busters such as ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ and the legendary ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ to at the moment of writing this the highest grossing film in the history of Bollywood ‘Dhoom 3′.  They even hold sessions in their massive recording studio for some of the most amazing musicians in the world such as Alan Holdsworth to our very own Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

In July of 2014 they placed faith in us and we sent them a variety of our amplifiers.

It is an honor to be a part of such an establishment.