Ans. Yes, The Brat Combo and Brat Studio has 4 and 8 ohms external speaker connectivity. Any Cabinet, whether 1×10, 2×10, 1×12, 2×12, 4×12, etc with 4 or 8 ohms can be connected. 16 ohms cabinets can also be connected to 8 ohms output, 1:2 mismatch is safe for tube amps.

Ans. Yes, Refer Answer to Q1.

Ans. Sounds Excellent with 1×12 cabinet.

Ans. All prices inclusive of shipping in India.

Ans. We cover shipping damage. If you receive a damaged product, we send you a brand new replacement unit, and have the old one picked up. Calor Amps comes with a 1-year replaceable warranty, any malfunction happens during this period, we send you brand new replacement product free of charge. Tubes have a warranty of 3 months. After the warranty period, the amps are repairable and we do it at reasonable charges.

Ans. Yes both the Combo and the Head have FX loop, where you could connect all your modulation units like Delay,Reverb,etc both Analog and Digital. Our customers have reported great success with variety of Overdrive and Boost pedals used on the Brat.

Ans. Other than the speaker. The combo doesn’t have a DI recording feature.