1. Where can I buy Calor amps

Online through our website. Accept Paypal for international customers and instamojo for indian customers.

2. How longwill it take to ship

All amps ship out in 1-2 business days. Delivery times vary depending on your location. Indian customers 3-5 days international customers 5-10 days.

3. What if my amp arrives damaged

Notify us through email. A return label is provided with all amplifiers. Send the amp back and we will send you a brand new piece instantly. Pack the amp back in the same packaging sent to you. E : mail@caloramplification.com

4. What if my amp needs repairs

If you want it done locally our service manuals are available online on the product page. If you need to send it back to us, notify us through email and we will reply back with the procedure. E : mail@caloramplification.com

5. How does the stand by switch work

Keep the standby off when turning on the amp. After 30 seconds turn it on. When switching off the amp you can turn it off from the power switch instantly.

6. How long is the warranty period

All products have a one year long warranty

7. Where are Calor amps made

They are hand built at our Calor Amplification’s factory, in Navi Mumbai India.