At 12 years of age a passionate young guitarist  by the name of Ansar M had a dream to create a sensational guitar amplifier and make it in India to exacting standards and International quality…In 2012 he was joined by Aditya Prasad another passionate guitarist with a vision to bring these amazing amps to the global stage.In 2014 they have achieved their dream and want to share their gift with you.


Passion, is that not the essence of success?
The British and India share similar values in a number of areas, two of which thrive namely creativity and a desire to be heard.Calor Amplification asks little of the worlds guitarists who are surrounded by amplification which is made in China, but the spirit of India lives and breathes in the Calor tone. Please will you give 5 minutes of your time and listen to a tube amplifier designed and made in Bombay? Shocked? why? after all, many great things have strong connections with India, such as, Tetley’s Tea, Jaguar, Bollywood, Sitars, Land Rover, Cricket and those great curries after the gig!


Will you be the first guitarist to latch on to the NEW sound, Indian tube amplification? Are you brave enough to be different or are you content being the same as the rest with the identical tone?For your next amplifier choose Calor and live the spirit of Bombay with passion and thrive being brave, different and heard. Not everyone likes a hot curry but a hot amp driven by your passion will warm things up..Be different, choose Calor and be part of the new revolution in guitar amplification…