Brat Series

Available as head and combo

  • Your ultimate bedroom tube amp

    Get that beautiful tube tone without waking up anyone. Full warm cleans, Harmonically rich overdrive. Inbuilt attenuation lets to lower the loudness, without affecting the character of the tone.

Direct to Interface Line out

Send tube driven guitar signal directly into your audio interface (Only on Brat Studio)

Multiple recording options

Mic the Amp the old fashioned way. Send the signal directly to the interface silently by using the speaker off switch. Or both at the same time(Only on Brat Studio)

Intuitive Controls

Simple controls limitless possibilities. Wide ranges on all knobs for the tweakers

FX Loop

Connect modulation pedals like delay, reverb, etc. in the FX loop to get the most out of them.

Check Out Detailed Videos of Tones and Features

FX Loop
Clean Channel
Volume and Output

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